Membership in our leagues is governed by the Alice USBC Men's Bowling
Association, the Alice Women's USBC Bowling Association and the Alice
USBC Youth Bowling Association, all of which are chapters of the national
and state bowling associations. All bowlers in our leagues must purchase
membership in their respective association in order to
participate in our leagues.
Men's dues are $1
8.00 per year. Women's dues are $15.50 per year.
Youth dues are $
5.00 per year.
All membership dues are renewed each year in September.

These will start the last week of August of first of September

Men's Civic League   -  4 Men per team  
Monday at 7:00pm  -  Weekly fees $15.00 per person
Starts Sept 11, 2017

Sunset Ladies League - 4 Women per team
Tuesday at 6:30pm - Weekly fees $13.00 per person
Starts Aug. 29, 2017

Wednesday Morning Senior League - 3 Seniors (50 and up) per team
Wednesday at 10:30am - Weekly fees $13.00 per person
Starts Sept. 6, 2017

Wednesday Mixed League  -  2 Men, 2 Women per team  
Wednesday at 6:30pm - Weekly fees $1
3.00 per person
Starts Aug. 30, 2017

Adult league have trophies and cash awards at the end of the season.
Youth leagues have trophies only at the end of the season.

Fall season starts around the first of September, Spring season starts
around the first of January, and the Summer season starts around the first
of June. Fall seasons last 16 to 35 weeks, Spring season lasts 18 to 20
weeks and Summer season last 10 to 12 weeks.
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